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Can You Put Floorstanding Speakers on Stands?

Stands for acoustics are an integral part of the High-End system. It is all about vibrations. They always degrade the sound. The task of the High-End stand for acoustics is to damp all vibrations, both created by the acoustics itself and external to it.

What are the stands?

Speaker stands are sophisticated, specially designed structures with extremely low natural resonance frequencies. They are made quite massive using various materials. The supports themselves on the stands for acoustics are made hollow so that later it can be filled with additional material while achieving a decrease in vibration and making a stand almost completely inert. For high quality vibration decoupling, special metal spikes or rubber pads on the lower and upper plates are used.

floorstanding speakers on stands

The market is represented by a huge assortment of speaker stands. They may differ from each other not only in the material of manufacture (different types of wood, metal, glass, acrylic, etc.), design but also in size, installation location (floor, suspended). The stands are produced both for small, medium-sized speaker systems (their height is up to 31 inches) and for large speakers with a height of 7 to 23 inches.

Using speaker stands

Vibrations transmitted to the speaker cabinet from the speaker inside, which during playback produces rhythmic reciprocating movements, have a very negative effect on the sound of the entire speaker system.

floorstanding speakers on stands

The system component housings also suffer from vibrations generated by vibrations of the air cushion that forms inside. As a result, the speaker or subwoofer housing begins to vibrate.

As a result, the overall tonal balance is disturbed, and the sound becomes inexpressive, not natural. The individuality of the timbre is lost.
The solution to this problem is the correct installation of acoustics on stands specially designed for these purposes, which allows you to enjoy the correct sound without overtones, objects adjacent to the elements of the speaker system, echoes emanating from the speaker cabinet, subwoofers.

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