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Why do I Hear Static in My Headphones

Static electricity builds up when using the headphones in dry air and may cause a slight electric shock to your ears.
This does not necessarily mean that your device is malfunctioning. And now we will tell you how to get rid of static electricity in headphones and generally avoid such situations.

Where does static electricity come from?

The unwanted discharge caused by static electricity occurs when insulating materials come into contact with each other. Specifically, sometimes, with friction between some materials, mobile electrons can be set in motion, thus breaking away from some atoms and being attracted by others. This changes the electrical charge of the matter and leads to the phenomenon of static electricity.

The considered discharge corresponds to a shock from 20 to 30 kilovolts; therefore, it is not dangerous. It looks like a mini electric shock. This happens when a person touches another conductive element.

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How to avoid headphones static?

Removing static is not difficult. There are several simple and practical ways to get rid of headphones static. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Increase the humidity

Dry indoor air is the best friend of static electricity. However, it practically does not appear if the humidity exceeds 85%. To increase this figure, regularly wet mop and use a humidifier. When the heating is on, you can put a wet cloth on the battery to evaporate the water and make the air less dry.

Use natural materials

Oftentimes, static electricity is drawn from your clothing or accessories. Most natural materials keep moisture; synthetic materials do not. Therefore, the former is less susceptible to the generation of static electricity than the latter.
Moreover, if you brush your hair with a plastic comb, you can get static from headphones, it builds up a static charge and starts flying apart, ruining your hairstyle. This can be avoided by using wood accessories. It’s the same story with rubber-soled shoes. It provokes the creation of static electricity on the body. But insoles made from natural materials neutralize its effect.

Moisturize your skin

After leaving the shower, moisturize not only your face but also your body. This will increase your electrical resistance and take care of your skin.
Less shampoo, less static electricity
In winter, do not wash your hair as much as in summer. Thanks to the production of sebum, you will not have erect hair. Also, avoid dry shampoos.

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