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Types of Drivers for Floorstanding Speakers

Speaker types based on their specification can be roughly divided into low-frequency, mid-frequency, and high-frequency (tweeters). All of these options must be balanced to create a good sound front.

Broadband speakers

Broadband speakers reproduce the full spectrum of frequencies available to the human ear – from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This type of speaker assumes no division of the audio signal into bands. This type of reproduction is less and less common today, naturally being replaced by acoustic systems with devices that reproduce a split signal.

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High-frequency speakers (tweeters)

The tweeter has a small cone area. At the same time, the membrane is characterized by low weight and high rigidity – it has to vibrate with a high frequency. A very important thing for twitter is the natural resonance frequency, which should be below the reproducible frequency band.

Otherwise, at frequencies close to it, the “amplifier-speaker” system provides tangible signal distortions in the part of the sound spectrum audible by the human ear. For these purposes, a crossover is used that limits the operating frequency range of the high-frequency driver and cuts off its resonance frequencies.

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Mid-frequency speakers

Its functional task is to accurately reproduce the frequency range corresponding to the part of the spectrum most audible to our ear. This type of speaker has a lightweight yet rigid cone.

Low-frequency speakers

A loudspeaker woofer, also called a woofer, is the largest driver in any system. Due to the peculiarities of the LF radiation, the driver must move completely with the entire structure. Because of this, the moving part has a complex structure and a rather large weight.

Coaxial speaker

A coaxial speaker is an option for combining other speakers within the same design. For example, a two-way version places the tweeter in the center of the woofer. Acoustics with such emitters create the strongest stereo effect and take up the smallest space.

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