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Powered Speakers vs. Studio Monitors

Now the meaning of traditional speaker is well engraved in people’s minds, defining it as a tool that allows you to listen to music at home, in the car, or at a party, but the concept of a studio monitor is often not even considered.

Studio monitors

Studio monitors are always active, which means they draw their power source directly from the main cable, unlike most home stereo speakers. These are active speaker systems in which amplifiers and controllers are located in the same cabinet as the speakers.

Powered speakers vs. studio monitors

Speakers designed in this way are designed to produce sound without any distortion, good or bad. The audio material should sound exactly as it was recorded and mixed. It is appropriate to remember here that any home audio equipment embellishes the sound.

Studio audio monitors can also be called the ideal speaker system since nothing better has been invented for monitoring sound. Given the clear and even sound of studio monitors, they can be used for writing and listening to any type and genre of music, that is, they are universal.

Powered speakers

Powered speakers are the ones we all have at home. Active speakers are equipment that includes a power amplifier pre-installed by the developer. Already at the design stage of a specific model, an amplifier module is selected, i.e., the developer selects in advance such equipment that is most effectively combined with all the elements of the system.

Powered speakers vs. studio monitors

Modern models can also be equipped with dual amplifiers that are installed simultaneously on the low-frequency and high-frequency speaker drivers. This ensures the even better sound quality of the acoustics. The DSP-processor is introduced into the amplifier itself, into which all the necessary settings are already set in advance.

Home using

Can studio monitors be used in a home theater setup? The answer is yes, although aesthetically, there may be compromises to accept. However, sound reproduction will be much more transparent, and listeners will certainly get their value in terms of sound quality.

The powered speakers, on the other hand, may not provide the original audio that music professionals so much enjoy, and the final sound will be retouched, with any recording imperfections already eliminated or corrected.

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