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Is it Better to Have 1 or 2 Subwoofers?

Many home theater enthusiasts have two questions about their system: “should I use two subs?” and “what size should they be?” Of course, these two questions are a matter of personal preference. This article will explore the benefits of having two subwoofers in your home theater and which options can work for you.

To answer the two questions: it’s up to you! There are many advantages and disadvantages to having two subs in your home theater, but this is a matter of personal preference. If you’re considering two subwoofers for your system, then read on below for more information.

Benefits of two subwoofers

  • The application of two or more subwoofers will naturally outperform a single subwoofer. Two subs can produce a more powerful, richer sound with greater accuracy in frequency response and better imaging than one sub. This is because two identical speakers will have twice as much surface area and volume displacement per unit of distance from any given listener.

    Adding an extra subwoofer to your speaker system allows you to broaden the listening area and give ideal bass in more locations.

  • With two subs, the bass response is smoother and more predictable. However, this also means that two subwoofers will fill in for each other when one might produce a harsher sound or be out of phase with the other one.
  • Subs can work together to create an even frequency response across different frequencies, which maximizes efficiency and clarity in the sound.
  • Multiple subwoofers of many different sizes will give you much greater control over the sound quality in your system.
  • Compared to one subwoofer, having two also provides greater flexibility in their physical placement. In addition, having several enables listeners more options about the best location and angle for getting the most impactful sound possible.
  • If you want two subs but don’t have space, consider a small two-way subwoofer instead of one large four-way sub. A two-way has two speakers that can handle both high and low frequencies, while two separate “passive” woofers handle just the lows without any amplification or crossover circuits.

    A two-way subwoofer may be the best option if your space is very limited or looking for a more affordable alternative.

two subwoofers setup

Disadvantages of two subwoofer

  • For those who want a seamless, invisible sound system, two subs may be too much and take up too much space.
  • If two subs are used, they must be placed far enough apart to avoid any cancellation of frequencies from phase differences, which means that two subwoofers may not fit in a small room or corner placement. This also leaves no flexibility for the listener’s position – if you move to one side of the couch and listen on one side, the other subwoofer becomes out of phase and not as effective.
  • A two-sub system can be complicated to set up in a home theater room with differing acoustics from one end to another. Finding two subs that sound good together can also be difficult, which is why some people choose just one powerful subwoofer.
  • If two subs are chosen, they will take up twice the space and may not fit in your room or on a shelf as one subwoofer would.
  • A two subs can also greatly increase your power usage and energy costs, which may offset any savings you might get by buying two instead of one.

Final thoughts

There’s no “right” answer when it comes to two subs vs. one in-home theater system; this preference is up to you! However, we hope that these benefits and disadvantages have helped you make a more informed decision.

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