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Celsus Sound SP One

Size notwithstanding, the Celsus SP-ONE speaker can fill a room with audiophile-quality sound. The SP-ONE’s expansive soundstage, commanding bass and overall musicality puts it at the forefront of “bookshelf” speakers. And for more personal applications, the SP-ONE’s excellent nearfield characteristics, especially at low volume settings, makes it the perfect desktop companion. The SP One's enclosure is made of a dense, premium-quality, naturally finished bamboo. The carbon-fiber woofer, featuring an aluminum wave guide, nicely complements the cabinet's sophisticated styling.

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Celsus Sound Companion One

The Celsus Companion One, an advanced and comprehensive portable High-Res audio companion, features a high-performance headphone amp with better than 115dB signal-noise ratio. The USB DAC, utilizing ESS’s class-leading ES9018K2M DAC, decodes up to DSD128 and 384 kHz PCM audio formats. A built-in Wi Fi network allows Companion One to be used as a media streamer capable of PCM 24bit/192kHz streaming. A digital Toslink S/PDIF and one 3.5mm analog output connect Companion One to a wide array of devices.

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Celsus Sound Gramo One

The Celsus Gramo One is a reference-grade open-back* in-ear headphone that sits comfortably on the outer ear. One’s first – and enduring – impression is of an overwhelming, three-dimensional audio experience that can fairly be described as a virtual live event. The proprietary 16 mm Celsus Sound transducer produces a sense of space, depth, detail and dynamic as impressive as that of an audiophile’s dream sound system. A mesmerizing midrange and dynamic bass are among the more impressive of the Celsus Gramo One’s signature qualities. And no IEM we’ve ever heard can match the Gramo One’s production of seductive vocal textures.

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